Concrete Lifting, Leveling, and Repair in Plantation, Florida

At Poly Lift USA, we specialize in professional polyurethane concrete lifting, leveling, and stabilization in Plantation, Florida. We have many highly skilled technical experts, of them have a deep range of experience in repairing concrete problems. 

You can rest easy knowing that our experts will always complete every job with five-star precision. We ensure every customer will be overjoyed with the finished result.

We always deliver a cost-effective and environmentally-safe solution to your needs. Our polyurethane foam solution ensures the success of your concrete lifting, leveling, or repair needs.

Our Services

Polyurethane Concrete Lifting 

Whether you know it as mud-jacking or slab-jacking, our concrete lifting professionals offer fast and cost-effective solution in comparison to concrete replacement. 

The process involves our experts pumping high-pressure polyurethane foam underneath the slab through precision drilled holes. This solution helps bring slabs back to level and also restores their original look and height.

Concrete Leveling

One of the most significant issues in Plantation, Florida, is soil deterioration. When it occurs, more than often, you will witness sinking and cracked concrete. 

Our team of experts is ready to fix your concrete problems, and only a phone call away.  We’ll help stabilize your soil with a custom polyurethane foam that will guarantee long term results. 

Sinking Issues

Poly Lift USA is also on hand should you need assistance with leveling your sinking driveways or pool decks. Both of these issues are generally cause by soil erosion and can cause serious safety and decor problems. 

With Poly Lift USA, you can trust your Plantation concrete repair needs will be satisfied, give us a call at 844-765-9872 for a free estimate, like us on Facebook, or send us an email and we will take care of the rest.