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How It Works

When you go outside your home, do you see an uneven sidewalk or cracks in your driveway? Poly Lift USA uses polyurethane foam to lift concrete slabs throughout the state of Florida.

How does Poly Lift USA fix sunken concrete? It relies on the unique qualities of expanding polyurethane foam, making it:

  • Environmentally safe
  • A fraction of replacement cost
  • Waterproof to prevent future erosion
  • Quick and mess free
  • A permanent solution!

Poly Lift USA is installed in a simple 4 step process that results in a safe, secure and level concrete slab.

Step 1:

Small 5/8-in. holes are drilled through the sunken slab. 

Step 2:

An injector port is installed in each hole.

Step 3:

High-density foam is injected into the port, where upon it expands and lifts the slab.

Step 4:

With the port removed, the holes are cleaned and patched with cement.