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Professional Concrete Lifting and Leveling in Douglasville, GA

Poly Lift USA is a quality company that offers premium concrete lifting and leveling in Douglasville and the surrounding areas. We provide reputable services for all of your concrete maintenance needs and supply you with our top-quality customer service every step of the way. The services our staff of experienced craftsmen currently offer include:

Concrete Lifting

Concrete that hasn’t been properly built upon solid foundations can be prone to sinkage and collapse if left untreated. If you suspect that this may be occurring on your property, we can conduct an investigation and identify the cause. Generally, the culprit is weak soil underpinning the concrete, which we can strengthen with a specialized formula as part of our work concrete lifting and leveling in Douglasville.  

Concrete Leveling

Concrete leveling is an ideal and affordable solution to collapsed concrete. By drilling a selection of small holes into the target piece of concrete and filling these cavities with polyurethane foam, the structure can become reinforced and restabilized. 

Poly Lift USA is an experienced and reliable choice for all of your needs for concrete lifting and leveling in Douglasville and the surrounding areas. With an expansive history of satisfied customers, you know that Poly Lift USA is a name that you can trust with your repairs. 

If you want to find out more about our services or get in touch with us, view our full list of locations, or send us a message and we’ll get back to you.

How It Works

Small 5/8 inch holes are drilled through the sunken slab.
An injector port is carefully installed in each of the holes.
Poly foam is injected into the port, it expands & lifts the slab.
With the port removed, the holes are patched with cement

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