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Need foundation repair and soil stabilization in Daytona? Call Poly Lift USA.

We are experts in taking care of what matters the most – your home. When you notice the signs of subsidence in your Daytona residence, it can be a worrying time. However, our expert team can assess your foundations and let you know the best course of action.

Foundation repair and soil stabilization Daytona

We make a few significant investments in life, and one of the most expensive ones is our home. Subsidence can be a huge headache, but it is something that Poly Lift USA can take care of.

Here are some of the signs of subsidence:

  • Cracks where extensions join the house
  • Any windows or doors that are warped or have become difficult to use
  • Creases appear in the wallpaper but no signs of damp
  • Cracks that are wider at the top and smaller at the bottom
  • Gaps around windows and doors
  • Any cracks that are wider than 3mm and you can place a coin into it

If you notice any of these signs, give us a call.

Choosing the best repair and soil stabilization solution

Like with most things, when it comes to repairs, you can opt for a cheaper alternative – but usually, they don’t last long, and you’ll find yourself with recurring costs. Choosing Poly Lift USA gives you the best solution that is long lasting and means you won’t need to worry about when it will happen again.

Poly Lift USA offers a complete evaluation of the repairs that should be done, and we can give you a transparent quote.

Our friendly and professional team can help you to feel safe in your home, and what’s more, our work is guaranteed with a warranty.

Do I need soil stabilization in Daytona?

If you have noticed any of the signs of subsidence in your Daytona home, the best thing you can do is get in touch. Our friendly and professional team will be able to inspect the damage and offer you the right solution.

Soil stabilization is a long-term solution that will support the foundations of your home for years to come, and we use an eco-friendly solution too. So there will be no damage to the environment around your home because we don’t use chemicals.

Eco-friendly soil stabilization in Daytona

Poly Lift USA offers eco-friendly foundation repair and soil stabilization in Daytona. Instead of using chemicals, we use an eco-friendly polyurethane soil stabilization method.

We inject the polyurethane into the soil, creating a glue-like bond. The soil becomes closer to concrete in terms of strength.

While soil compaction relies on soil quality and weather conditions, this eco-friendly polyurethane doesn’t. All movement of the soil is restricted; no matter the weather, your foundations are solid.

Foundation repair and soil stabilization is an investment into the longevity of your property, whether you plan to stay, or you want to sell your home in the future – your foundations should always be solid.

Poly Lift USA offers foundation repair and soil stabilization In Daytona and surrounding areas. So if you suspect your Daytona home is suffering from subsidence, get in touch!

How It Works

Small 5/8 inch holes are drilled through the sunken slab.
An injector port is carefully installed in each of the holes.
Poly foam is injected into the port, it expands & lifts the slab.
With the port removed, the holes are patched with cement

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