Poly Lift USA is a professional concrete lifting and leveling provider in Titusville, Florida.

Our mission is to protect our client’s property with a permanent solution to cracked or sunken concrete.

Call Poly Lift USA if your property needs concrete repair for sinking concrete sidewalks, pool decks, driveways, or all other concrete structures.

Our concrete leveling company in Titusville, Florida provides a permanent, cost-effective, and lasting alternatives to sinking concrete.

We begin the process by using a an eco-friendly polyurethane foam injection system. This begins in a sequence of four steps: beginning with 5/8-inch holes drilled through concrete slabs. Next, injector ports are installed in each one of the 5/8-inch holes. Third, we inject high-density foam into the port, which causes it to expand and lift the slab. Finally, all the ports are removed and we clean, patch, and paint the holes leaving them as good as new!

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Pool Decks

Pool decks often have height differences between the pool deck and bordering of the pool. The issue arises when it becomes dangerous for pool users. Pool decks already have many unsafe parts to them, including slippery wet surfaces, ladders, and diving boards.

Soil Stabilization

Our company also specializes in soil stabilization. We use a 1-part Polyurethane Product, which we inject into weak soils to provide a glue-like bond between weak and shifting soils. Our Soil Stabilization system can be applied in depths all the way down to 20 ft. The product is also completely environmentally safe and provides the same level of durability and reliability as our polyurethane foam.

Weak soils are extremely common in Florida from the result of settled or eroded soils beneath your concrete slabs. These weak soils are extremely common in Florida. For this reason we begin using our own foundation, then apply our soil stabilization system.

If you need your sinking concrete fixed in Titusville Florida, call Poly Lift USA and speak to one of our highly trained professionals to see which option works best for you.

Professional Concrete Lifting and Leveling Titusville, Florida.

When home buyers first notice sunken concrete, their first thought is the amount of money they’re going to spend to fix the problem.  It’s true that replacing concrete can be very costly, but if immediately treated the concrete could be lifted and leveled instead of completely replacing that concrete sinking sidewalk, sinking pool deck, sinking driveway, or general concrete repair. Poly Lift USA can provide you a safe, fast, affordable and permanent solution by leveling concrete in Titusville, Florida.

Poly Lift USA is a privately owned business serving Fort Pierce, and the entire State of Florida in the concrete leveling industry. That’s because we know weak soils are very abundant in Florida, as well as, sinking concrete. We are proud to offer our customers an affordable, environmentally friendly, permanent solution by concrete lifting and leveling for sinking concrete sidewalks, sinking pool decks, sinking driveways, and general concrete repair in Fort Pierce, Florida. We do this in 4 easy steps with our established polyurethane foam injection system. Essentially, drilling penny-sized holes through the slab and pumping polyurethane foam underneath the slab lifts the sunken concrete. Then, as the foam flows beneath the surface, voids and depressions are filled and the slab is raised to achieve the desired height. Contact us to inquire about Professional Concrete Lifting and Leveling Titusville, Florida.

Soil Stabilization Services

For weakened soil, we offer a soil stabilization service. The truth is that upon building a structure, soils slowly compact against the weight of the structure and sometimes they need help in supporting the newly introduced loads to eliminate settlement. Our soil stabilization service is also environmentally friendly and offers the same longevity claims as polyurethane. Our product is a 1-part Polyurethane product that is injected directly into soft soils to provide a glue-like bond to weak or shifting soils, which can be injected up to 20 feet deep to provide a safe base after construction. Contact us to inquire about Professional Concrete Lifting and Leveling for sinking concrete sidewalks, sinking pool decks, sinking driveways, or general concrete repair in Titusville, Florida.

If you have settling slabs of concrete but just need void filled, Poly Lift USA can help with that too. Void formations are commonly formed by soil shrinkage, erosion, hydro-static soil, and shifting soil. To fix these issues the voids under the slab must be filled. The best answer is to use polyurethane foam. This involves the injecting of a binary liquid material underneath the concrete part, and like our concrete leveling service in Titusville, Florida; this is also inserted through penny-sized holes. After this is injected underneath the concrete, the polyurethane expands to fill the voids and compact the soil around the voids. This helps create a more safe and stable base for the entire foundation. Contact us to inquire about Professional Concrete Lifting and Leveling Titusville, Florida.

If you see any indication of sinking or damaged concrete surfaces it is possible that your underlying soil has been compromised for a while and your foundation has decomposed into the void and the weight of your home. Don’t wait any longer and call Poly Lift USA today for an estimate on concrete lifting in Titusville, Florida!