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Professional Concrete Lifting And Leveling In Vierra, Florida

Concrete Lifting, Leveling, and Repair in Vierra, Florida

Poly Lift USA is a premier concrete lifting firm serving the residents of Florida. We offer our customers timely and professional concrete lifting and leveling. Our experts provide solutions for all sinking concrete sidewalks, pool decks, and driveways in Vierra. 

Surface Filling

At Poly Lift USA, we always eco-friendly polyurethane foam. This allows us to lift concrete slabs by drilling small holes through the slab and injecting foam beneath the slab. As this quick-drying material fills voids is raises the slab to its ideal height. The drill holes are discrete and are usually unnoticeable after the repair.

We have highly skilled professionals ready to handle all your concrete leveling needs. We can help in cases such as interior floor slabs, airport runways, sinking pool decks, sinking driveways, sinking concrete sidewalks, and general concrete repair.

Void Filling

For our void filling services, we use a polyurethane foam that’s filled into the slab through tiny holes dug into the concrete. Once inserted into the concrete, polyurethane expands and occupies the existing spaces and also hardens the soil surrounding the voids. As a Professional Concrete Lifting and Leveling company in Vierra, we use the latest underground cameras to detect large voids in the soil and fill them up quickly.

In the state of Florida, it’s common to find weak soils in many neighborhoods and this may affect the construction of new buildings/homes due to the risk of structural failure.

To prevent this problem, we use a special soil stabilizer known as 1-part Polyurethane that provides glue-like binding of weak or shifting soils. The material is usually injected too low depths of up to 20 ft. in order to provide a strong base after construction, or it may even be applied before the development begins.

At Poly Lift USA, we pride ourselves on being the leading Concrete Lifting and Leveling provider. Our experts are ready to fix sinking concrete sidewalks, driveways, pool decks, and general concrete repairs in Vierra. 

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How It Works

Small 5/8 inch holes are drilled through the sunken slab.
An injector port is carefully installed in each of the holes.
Poly foam is injected into the port, it expands & lifts the slab.
With the port removed, the holes are patched with cement

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