4 Steps To Stabilize Soil

Did you know that some states such as Florida and Georgia have an abundance of weak soils? The problem is that structural failure is almost certain when development begins on these types of loose soil. Once a structure is built the soils begin to slowly compact against the weight of the structure. The good news is that there’s a solution available that will stabilize soil and help support the newly introduced loads to eliminate settlement.

Previously there wasn’t testing done on the soil to know its strength and durability but nowadays it is done in most cases. Either way, there is a way to stiffen these compact soils, no matter if you’re working with new or old construction. Below are the four steps to stabilize soil that will be taken and how the process works.


1. Drill the Holes

Step 1 is to drill small 5/8 inch holes through the sunken slab.

2. Install an Injector Port

Step 2 is to carefully install an injector port into each of the holes that have been drilled.

3. Inject Poly Foam

Step 3 will be to inject poly foam into the port. It’ll cause it to expand and lift the slab.

4. Patch the holes

Step 4 is to remove the port and patch the holes with cement.


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