Concrete Lifting & Leveling With Foam

Sunken concrete is a fact of life.  It can be caused in all kinds of ways from extreme weather conditions to water damage to earthquakes.  Whatever the cause, you need to have it fixed quickly or it can easily become a dangerous hazard.  You, therefore, need to decide what approach you’re going to take to concrete lifting and leveling.


Replacing the concrete


This is the most thorough approach, but it’s also the most expensive and time-consuming.  It’s often more than is necessary to resolve the problem.  What’s more, it tends to be very wasteful since it’s unlikely that the old concrete will be reused or recycled.


If you have really serious issues with sunken concrete then “rip and replace” may be the way to go.  On the whole, however, it’s probably excessive.


Mudjacking is another traditional approach to concrete lifting and leveling.  This approach involves drilling holes through the concrete and then pouring in slurry (a mixture of water, soil, sand, and cement).  The slurry pushes the concrete slabs back to the surface.  Then the holes in the slabs are filled with fresh concrete and everything looks as good as new.


Mudjacking has several advantages over replacing concrete.  It’s more affordable, much quicker, and significantly less wasteful.  This means that it’s also much better for the environment.

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Using foam

Concrete lifting and leveling using foam is essentially the same idea as mudjacking.  It does, however, offer a number of significant advantages.  Basically, it’s even more affordable, even quicker, and even more durable.

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