Concrete Lifting & Leveling With Polyurethane

If your home or commercial building has issues with uneven concrete, it can be hazardous and costly, but there’s an easy solution – polyurethane filling. Polyurethane filling is an innovative material that lifts uneven concrete from below and creates a strong and reliable surface.  

What is Polyurethane Lifting? 

When you have sunken concrete in a commercial building or a home, the conventional approach is to lift the concrete slabs individually and repair the foundations, but this is labour-intensive and costly. Conversely, Polyurethane lifting is convenient and affordable. 


Polyurethane lifting involves drilling holes in the affected area and injecting polyurethane into the sunken area underneath. Polyurethane is a type of condensing foam that fills the hole beneath the sunken concrete and lifts the slab to its appropriate level in no time at all. 

Is Polyurethane Lifting effective? 

Polyurethane lifting is very effective; different companies will offer different types of foam, but on the whole, this foam is strong, lightweight, and it doesn’t add additional weight to the concrete substrate. Polyurethane lifting is also an affordable and fast-acting lifting & leveling technique. 


If you have an issue with sunken concrete, it can be hazardous – especially in a business; commercial flooring needs to be adequate for insurance purposes as well as health and safety. So, if you want to improve your flooring at a lower cost, then opt for polyurethane lifting.    

How long does it last? 

Polyurethane lifting is not only affordable and fast-acting, but it is also long-lasting; you can expect a polyurethane lift to last beyond your lifespan. If that sounds like excellent value for money, you might be wondering what the catch is; the answer is there’s none, just engineering. 


Polyurethane is a polymer which means it’s a material made from large molecules and a broad spectrum of materials that are both natural and synthetic. Through advanced engineering, polyurethane is designed to be strong, lightweight, and versatile and lasts for years.  

Is Polyurethane Lifting Permanent? 

The short answer is yes, polyurethane treatment is permanent because you can expect it to last longer than your lifespan, which makes it excellent value for money, especially since the material and labor is more affordable than conventional engineering; it’s also very strong. 


Polyurethane is extra tough; once it has been set, it is indistinguishable from your standard concrete foundations. With this in mind, there is little reason not to use polyurethane lifting to repair the concrete floor of your commercial building or patio; it’s fast-acting and long-lasting.   


Patios and commercial floors need to be even to avoid unfortunate accidents and legal claims. Many people and companies refrain from repairing faulty concrete because of the expense and inconvenience; while it might not be the best idea to ignore it, there is an excellent solution. 


 Polyurethane filling is strong and fast-acting; it can be injected into the foundations of the concrete, lifting it to a level position in minutes. What’s more, the polyurethane filling is permanent and super strong; there should be no need to repair it again in the future.