Polyurethane Sidewalk Leveling

polyurethane sidewalk leveling, florida, georgiaSidewalks are usually made from slabs of concrete lined across a surface like soil. While effective, wear and tear or poor tree-root growth can cause the sidewalk to become unbalanced. This results in uneven sidewalks that people might trip or stub their toes on, and it also looks visually unappealing. If your sidewalks need a boost, read on for more information about polyurethane sidewalk leveling.

Sidewalk Leveling Options

A common way to repair your sidewalk is to simply use concrete. This usually involves pumping a mixture of water, concrete and soil to fill in voids and level the concrete slabs that line your sidewalk. Unfortunately, this doest fill evenly. It often makes things worse and will continue to demand maintenance in the future. If the concrete is not pumped correctly or too much is used, then it will still lead to an unbalanced sidewalk.

Modern Polyurethane Sidewalk Leveling

Using concrete is an outdated way to level a sidewalk. A more modern approach would be to use polyurethane foam, also known as PolyLift, to repair your uneven sidewalk. This is a foam material that is injected underneath your uneven slabs of concrete. It will then expand and harden within a few minutes, leveling your sidewalk and providing extra strength rapidly. It helps to balance your driveway and is an easy way to repair your sidewalk when applied correctly.

Polyurethane foam is also environmentally-friendly, making it a green way to repair your sidewalk if you’re conscious about the environment. It also doesn’t take 24 hours to set like concrete, meaning you don’t need to block off the area and prevent people from walking past. If you’d like to learn more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today for more information.

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