Poly Lift USA Wins Platinum Award at 2020 World of Concrete Expo

poly lift usa, Florida, georgiaThe Poly Lift USA mission statement is “Raise It, Don’t Replace It” and that’s what we did at this year’s 2020 World of Concrete Expo. Our company concentrates on excellence and we’re proud to announce we’re recipients of the 2019 HMI Elite Platinum Award. Raising the bar is not only rewarding, it’s our standard. We are even more motivated being top in our industry for two years.

While we are cheering the accolades, our team will continue pushing harder at being one of the country’s leading innovators in concrete lifting, leveling, and stabilization. Check out the highlights from this year’s trade show.

2020 World of Concrete Expo

The event was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Nevada. Industry professionals from contractors to masonry tradesman showcased their work competing in their categories.

The 45th annual convention held 170 educational classes. Also, 110 industry speakers wrapped the 4-day operation with 54,000 visitors.  Not to mention, it’s the largest and ONLY event of its kind dominating the concrete industry.

The show provided an excellent resource for Poly Lift USA. People observed our eco-friendly products and technology. We provided live demonstrations, showing how we fill voids in concrete, without replacing, restoring the integrity of the cement. The crowd was pleased to learn we also offer environmentally safe solutions. 

Polyurethane Foam for Concrete Repair

Attendees watched while Poly Lift USA filled voids and depressions through our innovative polyurethane foam. Our ingenuity and skilled professionals highlighted the technology we use every day to level damaged and shifting surfaces.

Whether a client has a sinking driveway or needs soil stabilizing, our products can fix almost any foundation. The response was outstanding with positive reviews and comments on concrete lifting. 

The World of Concrete gave us a chance to educate our audience with the many ways we’re able to fix voids, cracks and soil shrinkage. These issues are common in our primary service areas of Florida and Georgia. The exciting response from the crowd helped inform the masses at an international level.

As award winners, we want to thank our customers for being the ‘real’ champions. Poly Lift USA offers concrete solutions and are specialists with customer care.  It was our pleasure sharing our innovation with everyone who attended this year’s World of Concrete Expo. We hope to see you again next year!