Why Poly Lift USA?

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As a Florida home or business owner, you know the damage that time and weather has on concrete. Every inch of concrete on your property can settle, sink, and crack. This leads to hazards that can threaten people and property values. But don’t fear, Poly Lift USA’s professionals can quickly and easily lift, level, and repair your sunken concrete slabs.

Poly Lift USA specializes in concrete leveling for homes and business throughout most of Florida and Georgia. If you’re tired of staring at cracks in your concrete contact our experts for a fast and reliable solution. Or, read on to learn more about us.


Florida and Georgia’s soil quickly breaks down under pressure. This creates many hazards for home or business owners. Once concrete cracks, water can pool and eat away at your foundation. This puts your entire building at risk. Your concrete structures, plumbing lines, and electrical wires can all be compromised.

Unless your fix the problem, it will get worse over time.


Your home or business must be kept in top condition to maintain its value. Any and all cracks hurt your property value. That’s why it’s so important to make the needed repairs now.

Not only are they financially damaging, but they look terrible. The feeling that your home or business provides to house guests, employees, and clients will be significantly damaged by cracked or sunken concrete slabs.

These two problems combine to cause significant issues. The time is now to take proactive steps against the damaging effects of cracked and sunken concrete.


Keeping your guests, employees, and clients safe is always the top priority. But you also must be mindful of legal liabilities. If someone is injured on your property due to negligence, you may be held liable.

Cracks, gaps, and other hazards resulting from sunken or cracked concrete have the potential to cause harm. If someone is injured on your property their medical bills and lost wages can become your responsibility.

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Our commercial and residential concrete leveling and lifting experts will keep your patrons safe. If you need to have your property lifted, leveled, or repaired contact us today! Our experts utilize a proprietary process and eco-friendly polyurethane foam to make our repairs.

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