Take Care of Sunken Concrete

It’s unlikely that when you laid concrete on your property, you did so with the express intention of allowing it to sink. Concrete is an affordable, durable material that can last the test of time but can be dangerous in certain situations. Sunken concrete must be attended to immediately.


How Does Sunken Concrete Occur?

In most cases, sunken concrete occurs because the base has been prepared incorrectly, mostly involving a raw application to uncompacted soil. However, insufficient water drainage can also cause a real issue, as this prevents the concrete from sitting and being able to dry/solidify correctly. Sunken concrete can occur almost anywhere concrete is applied provided the foundations are ill-considered, so make sure this foremost necessity is perfected before continuing.


It’s Possible To Fix Sunken Concrete

Before you bring out your jackhammer or sledgehammer to start all over again, there may be tools you can use to lift sunken concrete. This involves concrete leveling, slab jacking, mud jacking, concrete leveling, and concrete raising. These are applicable in a wide array of situations and may help you save up to half of the cost of a full replacement. This can also prevent sunken concrete from causing any more damage.


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