Your Guide To Small Concrete Repair

It’s not uncommon to have small cracks in your concrete driveway or chips in your patio and these can be easy to fix, all you need is a little bit of guidance. Concrete repair should be done as soon as you see the crack or chip because if you leave it, it can get worse and turn a small job into a much bigger and more complicated one. So, what else do you need to know?


There are different types of concrete damage

As your concrete can be damaged in different ways, it also means that there are different types of concrete repair. You might have a hairline crack, plastic-shrinkage cracks or small pockmarks, or scaling so it’s important to identify what type of damage you have so that you can repair it correctly.


What tools do I need? 

Grab yourself a nylon brush to clean the area of dust and debris and you can also use a hammer and chisel to remove loose concrete before repairing. You could also pressure wash the area beforehand but just make sure you allow it to dry before you begin. 


What do I use for my small concrete repair? 

You can use a concrete filler or cement patcher for the small jobs or you can get in touch with Polylift USA who can give you the best advice for your particular issue. Also, remember that while you won’t be able to match the original color of the concrete. concrete fades over time so this isn’t something you should worry about.  


You don’t need to have a whole team of construction guys at your home to fix your concrete. At Polylift USA we can get your concrete repaired quickly and with minimal time spent!

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