Is Polyurethane Good For The Environment?

polyurethane, foam, concrete, repair, leveling, stabilization

Polyurethane may sound toxic, but in fact, it is extremely safe and actually good for the environment compared to different options. Leveling a concrete slab by injecting polyurethane foam won’t do any harm to the environment, it could actually do some good and here’s why:

Better Indoor Air Quality

If your garage is in need of concrete repair, make sure you keep the air quality in mind. Many options are dangerous. However, polyurethane foam is non-toxic and is a far better option to level your house with than toxic substances that may include carcinogens, which can cause difficulties in breathing and also increase your risk of getting cancer. 

It Generates Minimum Waste

Repairing concrete with polyurethane foams results in less cost and waste than other options. While some physical materials are used, our experts ensure a quick job without compromising on quality. There is also more control over this process, which means that there is less damage to surrounding areas. 

It Results In A Cleaner Job Site

Following on from that, this method of concrete leveling reuses and recycles various products that are long-lasting, which means that there is minimal use of materials. Then, the holes that are drilled are small, and there aren’t many of them, which means that the end result is cleaner. As well as this, no heavy machinery is needed so the disturbance to your life is minimal.

It Stabilizes The Soil

Polyurethane concrete services react with the soil beneath, which stabilizes it in the ground and protects it from erosion and sinking.

Essentially, polyurethane is not only safe for the environment, but it is economical, practical, clean, and quick.